15 january 2024

The Masked Singer UK has eliminated its third contestant of the 2024 series, and in doing so has unveiled the latest star hiding behind the mask.

In the series, 12 mystery celebrity guests perform familiar songs on stage while dressed in elaborate costumes that obscure their identities.

Having received the fewest audience votes, Rat and Dippy Egg performed for the second time during the episode in the hopes of saving their spot in the competition.

Rat performed a lively rendition of “YMCA” by Village People, while Dippy Egg took on George Ezra’s 2018 hit “Shotgun”.

Prior to the unmasking, the judges submitted their final guesses, which included Jodie Whittaker, Jodie Comer, and Changing Room star Carol Smillie.

Ballas did not come up once in the judges guesses, with the dance pro successfully evading their sleuthing.

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