iPhone 16 Pro laundh Date

Date= 26/12/2023

In September 2024, Apple is rumored to be planning to introduce the iPhone 16 Pro and the iPhone 16 Pro Max, which will be sold alongside the iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus.

We're months away from the debut of the 2024 iPhones, but as is typical, leakers, analysts, and others with insider information are already sharing details on the new devices.

The iPhone 16 Pro and 16 Pro Max will increase in size, and this will be the first size update we've had in several years. The iPhone 16 Pro will measure in at 6.3 inches (up from 6.1), while the Pro Max will measure in at 6.9 inches (up from 6.7).

Apple is designing new A-series chips for the iPhone 16 Pro models, built on the latest N3E 3-nanometer node.

Capacitive volume buttons, power button, and Action Button could be added to all four iPhone 16 models, and there's also rumored to be an extra mystery "Capture" button for taking photos and videos.

This roundup contains early rumors about the iPhone 16 Pro models, and there is still plenty of time for Apple to change its plans, so information here may shift as Apple updates the design of the upcoming iPhone models.

An image of the alleged iPhone 16 Pro battery leaked in November with a new design, updated connector, and 3355mAh capacity.