Girls State: Teen girls in Missouri create a government from scratch in a week-long experiment in American democracy.

24 january 2024

Thelma: At 94, June Squibb stars as Thelma Post, an unlikely action hero reclaiming what a phone scammer took.

Nocturnes: Indian documentary exploring the mysterious lives of moths in the Eastern Himalayas.

Black Box Diaries: Journalist Shiori Ito bravely investigates her own sexual assault in this post #MeToo documentary.

Girls Will Be Girls: Richa Chadha's production follows 16-year-old Mira's coming-of-age in a society limiting women's agency.

The Outrun: Saoirse Ronan returns home to Scotland’s Orkney Islands after 10 years in this recovery journey.

Frida: A documentary on Frida Kahlo's life, featuring her words from diaries, letters, essays, and animations inspired by her art.

Love Bleeds: Kristen Stewart stars in a unique film where a buoy and a satellite fall in love after humanity's extinction.

Never Look Away: Lucy Lawless debuts behind the camera, documenting the reality of war from a CNN camerawoman's perspective.

Skywalkers: A Love Story: A six-year journey across six countries, telling the impossible love story of a Russian couple climbing the world's highest skyscraper.

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