Nikki Haley campaign gears up as Trump world vows to go after her 'reputation and image' in New Hampshire

16 january 2024

Haley's campaign says it is ready to take on Trump directly, depicting his campaign as one of “drama and chaos and vindictiveness and dysfunction.”

“A protracted ground war will cost us our money, but it will cost Nikki her reputation and image.”

Though she came in third in Iowa on Monday, she declared the contest a two-person race between herself and Trump.

Now that it is a two-person race, I think that contrast becomes more clear.”

Polls have Haley regularly ranking second to Trump in New Hampshire, with one showing her trailing by just 7 points.

“Nikki Haley is a fictional character who isn’t ready for the bright lights or the big stage,” Jason Miller, a Trump campaign senior adviser, told NBC News.

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