1. Kia's new SUV, codenamed AY, was spotted during testing, marking its first appearance before launch.

2. The eagerly anticipated Kia Clavis, an upcoming SUV, has been spotted during testing for the first time.

3. Kia's upcoming SUV, known as the Clavis, has been caught undergoing tests, making its debut ahead of release.

4. Catch an exclusive glimpse of Kia's upcoming SUV, known as the Clavis, as it undergoes testing before hitting the market.

5. Kia's Clavis SUV, shrouded in secrecy until now, has made its first appearance during testing, opening a window into its development.

6. The Kia Clavis SUV, set to release soon, has been spotted during testing, igniting curiosity about its design and features.

7. In a sneak peek, Kia's hidden SUV, codename AY, has been revealed during testing, offering a glimpse into what's to come.

8. The forthcoming Kia Clavis SUV has surfaced during testing, previewing its arrival before its official launch.