Big Step for Jacob: Jacob Elordi gears up for his first "Saturday Night Live" hosting gig, but the practice isn't as easy as it looks.

21 january 2024

Stage Fright: Elordi battles stage fright, attempting to gracefully navigate the iconic "SNL" staircase, mirroring past hosts like Kim Kardashian and Zac Efron.

Comic Mishaps: Hilarity ensues as Elordi stumbles through his practice, with encouragement from cast members Punkie Johnson and Marcello Hernandez.

Face-Plant Fun: Despite multiple comical attempts, Elordi finally takes the step, ending up in a face-plant on the stage. Johnson and Hernandez make a quick exit.

Good Vibes: Down on the floor, Elordi assures everyone, "I'm good!" amidst the laughter from the mishap.

2024 Opener: Elordi's hosting marks the first "SNL" episode of 2024, featuring musical guest Reneé Rapp from the new "Mean Girls" reboot.

Weekend Watch: Catch the entertaining episode on NBC this weekend at 11:30 pm ET/8:30 pm PT.

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