Fargo Season 5 Is 10 Episodes of Blood, Bullets and Evil Jon Hamm

The truth isn't only stranger than fiction; it can be bloodier, especially when you twist everything up the way Fargo has done for years.

Lyon can whip up an exquisite batch of pancakes just as well as she can burn a man's skin off with a hairspray can and lighter.

That sort of unnerving duality is commonplace in a Fargo season where a massive brawl between parents in the Fall Festival Planning Committee can lead to a coordinated kidnapping

Did any of this happen in real life? Probably not, as executive producer Noah Hawley admitted the events in the TV show are "all just made up."

That doesn't make what transpires any less shocking, especially with the powerhouse cast the show has in store.

For the next nine weeks, prepare to have your mind twisted and turned in ways Fargo has never done before.

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