Bobi Wine’s Movie Wins Audience Choice Award In New York

Bobi Wine, real name Robert Kyagulanyi, has won an award in New York for his movie, dubbed Bobi Wine the people’s president, that entails his journey to Uganda’s political scene.

Bobi Wine’s movie, that has received a warm reception abroad since its release, has won the audience choice award at the Cinema Eye Honors 2024 in New York, the second international accolade the movie.

Bobi Wine said on Saturday that he didn’t expect the accolade because they ‘didn’t set out to make an award-winning film’, but just wanted to document their story, showcasing their fight for freedom in Uganda.

Bobi said he was humbled by the fact that his movie got international recognition, saying that they are going to be ‘a little bit safer’ now that they are certain the world is watching what is happening in Uganda.

With this award and the attention that comes with it, we believe that we are going to be a little bit safer now because we know that the world is watching what is happening in Uganda,” he added.

Bobi further said that the true heroes are the hundreds of men, women, and children who have paid the ultimate price in the struggle for freedom in Uganda:

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