Margot Robbie and stylist Andrew Mukamal collaborated for a Barbie-themed fashion book

24 january 2024

Inspired by the "Barbie" movie, Robbie showcased unique Barbiecore styles worldwide.

The fashion photo book, "Barbie: The World Tour," captures Robbie's press tour outfits.

Mukamal turned his living room idea into a Barbie fashion dream for Robbie's wardrobe.

The press tour covered cities like Toronto, Sydney, Seoul, Mexico City, Los Angeles, and London.

Outfits sourced by Mukamal paid homage to Barbie's original doll looks at every stop.

Due to a SAG-AFTRA strike, the press tour was cut short, leading to a dedicated fashion book.

The book, releasing on March 8, 2024, features Robbie in curated looks by Craig McDean.

Robbie's Barbie wardrobe is hailed for its method dressing and as an extension of her producer vision.

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