1. In "Wolf Fields," Zendaya stars as a conservationist determined to protect endangered wolves in rural Montana.

2. "The Pale Blue Eye" brings together Christian Bale and Harry Melling in a chilling murder mystery set in a 19th century military academy.

3. "Shiny Shiny" follows the bizarre friendship between a wealthy heiress and a desperate artist as they navigate the seedy underworld of Los Angeles.

4. In "From the Sea," Willem Dafoe portrays a retired fisherman struggling with grief and the harsh realities of climate change.

5. "Telephone" is a neo-noir thriller about a woman (played by Ana de Armas) who receives an anonymous phone call that puts her life in danger.

6. "The Yesterday Project" explores the far-reaching consequences of a group of scientists accidentally inventing time travel.

7. "The Way I Heard It" is a documentary featuring intimate interviews with famous figures like Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, and Bruce Springsteen.

8. "The Evergreen" is a sci-fi adventure about a diverse team of astronauts embarking on a perilous mission to preserve Earth's last remaining forests.

9. "Shelter" explores the emotional hold that childhood trauma can have on an adult as a man (Channing Tatum) seeks solace in a seaside cabin.