Alicia Keys is super pumped about her next album - she says it'll be one of her best!

25 january 2024

She's also working on new music for her Broadway show 'Hell's Kitchen', inspired by her life.

In an interview, Alicia spills the beans - the music in 'Hell's Kitchen' will be a surprise twist

Her 10th studio album is in the works, and she promises it'll be different but amazing.

Alicia's into unexpected vibes - she wants fans to hear their favorite songs in a new way.

The 'No One' singer is crafting her follow-up to 'Keys' and is thrilled about it.

Expect strong melodies, memorable tunes, and powerful vibes in her upcoming album.

Alicia is certain that 2024 will be a great year for her music journey.

The 42-year-old artist is eager to explore music's truthful form in her next body of work.

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