Aryan Khan Dating Brazilian Star Larissa Bonesi: Unraveling the Romance Rumors

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In recent times, the internet has been abuzz with speculation surrounding the personal life of Aryan Khan, the elder son of Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan. Rumors have been swirling around the potential romantic involvement between Aryan and Brazilian actress Larissa Bonesi, leaving fans and followers intrigued. Let’s delve into the details to shed some light on this speculated romance.

Social Media Stir

Aryan Khan Dating Brazilian Star Larissa Bonesi

The speculation regarding Aryan Khan and Larissa Bonesi’s alleged relationship gained momentum after keen-eyed social media users noticed intriguing interactions between the two on Instagram. A Reddit user brought attention to the fact that Aryan not only follows Larissa but also her family members on the platform. This discovery sparked a wave of curiosity among fans, leading to a flurry of discussions across various online platforms.

The Telltale Signs

Further fueling the speculations were observations made by vigilant followers, who pointed out specific instances that hinted at a possible romantic connection between Aryan and Larissa. Among these observations was the revelation that Larissa’s mother, Renata Bonesi, had recently visited Mumbai and reportedly received a gift from Aryan Khan—a D’YAVOL X jacket. While these occurrences may seem innocuous on their own, when viewed collectively, they add fuel to the fire of romance rumors.

Unverified Claims

Despite the mounting speculation and circumstantial evidence, it’s essential to exercise caution and refrain from jumping to conclusions prematurely. News18 attempted to verify the claims surrounding Aryan Khan and Larissa Bonesi’s alleged romance but was unable to substantiate them independently. Therefore, it’s imperative to treat these rumors with a degree of skepticism until concrete evidence surfaces to support or refute them.

Aryan Khan Dating Brazilian Star Larissa Bonesi

Silence from the Khan Camp

Amidst the swirling rumors, both Aryan Khan and his father, Shah Rukh Khan, have maintained a conspicuous silence, opting not to address the speculation publicly. Their decision to refrain from commenting on the matter has only served to intensify public curiosity and fuel further speculation about the nature of Aryan’s relationship with Larissa.

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Aryan Khan: Beyond Romance Rumors

While the rumors surrounding Aryan Khan’s personal life continue to capture headlines, it’s essential to recognize his achievements and endeavors beyond the realm of gossip. Aryan has been diligently pursuing his passion for filmmaking and recently made headlines with the announcement of his directorial debut series, “Stardom.”

Stardom: A New Chapter

“Stardom” marks Aryan Khan’s foray into the world of direction, signaling a significant milestone in his burgeoning career. The web series, which commenced filming in July 2023, boasts an ensemble cast featuring industry stalwarts such as Shah Rukh Khan, Ranbir Kapoor, Ranveer Singh, Karan Johar, and Bobby Deol. With Lakshya Lalwani in the lead role, “Stardom” promises to offer viewers a captivating glimpse into the glitz and glamour of the Hindi film industry.

Aryan Khan Dating Brazilian Star Larissa Bonesi

SLAB: A Testament to Entrepreneurial Spirit

In addition to his creative pursuits in the realm of entertainment, Aryan Khan has also ventured into the world of entrepreneurship. Alongside his partners Bunty Singh and Leti Blagoeva, Aryan co-founded SLAB—a luxury lifestyle collective aimed at redefining standards of opulence and sophistication. As the creative force behind the brand, Aryan has played a pivotal role in curating the brand’s ethos and aesthetic, culminating in the launch of the fashion line, D’yavol X.

Aryan Khan: A Multifaceted Talent

Beyond his endeavors in filmmaking and entrepreneurship, Aryan Khan emerges as a multifaceted talent with a penchant for creativity and innovation. Whether it’s conceptualizing captivating ad campaigns for D’yavol X or meticulously crafting each frame of his directorial debut, Aryan exemplifies a rare blend of artistic vision and business acumen.


While speculation surrounding Aryan Khan’s personal life continues to captivate the public imagination, it’s crucial to approach such rumors with discernment and restraint. While the alleged romance between Aryan and Larissa may dominate headlines, it’s equally important to acknowledge Aryan’s professional achievements and multifaceted talents. As the narrative unfolds, only time will tell the true nature of Aryan Khan’s relationship with Larissa Bonesi, but in the meantime, let’s celebrate his artistic endeavors and entrepreneurial spirit.

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